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"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

Albert Einstein


Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Russian author & dissident in US (1918 - )



Inspiration for creating


February 14, 2005, Valentine's Day, I was in the produce section of a Lexington, Kentucky grocery store waiting for the young produce man to retrieve the price of  a bunch of radishes.

A lady about 70-74 years old, with her head covered, was also waiting for the same information. She told me that she had  bought some the previous week and they were really tasty, not so hot.

As I continued to look at this lady, I was charmed by an inward beauty that was so radiating. With more time to kill, I eventually said, "Ma'am you have beautiful skin." 

Immediately she was expressing with her eyes a little watery, "You don't mean it; I can't believe you are saying that. I almost didn't come out today because I just had my second chemo treatment, and I am so ashamed of how I look. I have ovarian cancer. I am going home and calling somebody and telling them what you said."

By Mike Sawyer


One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession.



Am Blessed



It has a daily circulation of 129000 and a Saturday circulation of 191000, making it the most widely-read newspaper in the province

Thu, June 8, 2006
Letters: June 8

Leno said it all

Jay Leno asked Tim Russert on his Tonight Show: "Who wants to blow up Canada? These are the nicest people in the world."

I agree with Jay.

With compassion ...

Mike Sawyer

Birmingham, Ala.

Hey, isn't that our line?



I am Blessed

Ndi  wamukisa

Luganda (African)




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Dear Mike:  What can I say----I only express feelings that come naturally when I view a great scene or a simple person with dignity or a darling animal.  I admit my eyes get misty very easily because I am sensitive to great music or animals or little innocent children. 
I admire what you are doing for humanity and no doubt there are dozens or perhaps hundreds of fine folks that have come in contact with you who think as I do.  Yes, perhaps one of these days you and I will meet and boy,,what stories we can share!!    Your pictures are certainly inspirational as well as educational.  Just keep up what you are doing,,,and take care..Earl (age 90)

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Hi Mike.

Nobody stops to talk to anybody as we all exercise on the trail.  Thanks for stopping and taking time to advise me about what to buy for strength training for my arms.  That was a blessing.   





Hello Mr. Mike
Hope this letter finds you & yours in the best of health & spirits ! Just to let you know who I am , I'm the lady you met today at Bruno's in Brookwood . I helped you find the low sodium V8 juice , I feel blessed everyday but, Living in the  flesh today I tend to over look my blessing at times, but with my job and most people not taking the time to be polite , ALL forget GODS greatest gift of all  LOVE , Thanks for the moment we shared and showing me that  LOVE
Until we meet again Please pray for my son David and all our Military !


Auburn vs. Florida game
October 14, 2006
Auburn, Alabama


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(These caring Eddyville youth were giving out these on the beach)



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A mother's grip!

May 17, 2006

July 5, 2006
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Two really nice soldiers from Miami and Chicago at Ft. Benning, Georgia on May 2, 2006

Scott a retired USMC Veteran

John a Gulf War veteran!

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To read the published letter of thanks to Canada for Neil Young by Mike Sawyer


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Handsome at 60!

Jim of Mississippi on his last day at age 59!

Memorial in Milton, Florida  for US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan wars since 2003


Uschi and Chipper


Mike and long time friend Rodney with Rodney's sons Ryan and Nathan
June 12, 2006


February 28, 2006
Gena and Nina with Mike Sawyer
This couple is from Estonia
(They don't speak English, but do translate Love)

Flag of Estonia



Mike (54 years and 4 days old) and four Amigos on trail September 15, 2006

John 59 years and 2 days old

My "Pink Scooter Friend"

Juan and Fernando
August 20, 2006




Minister Margaret Harris
Gainesville, Florida

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Mike and Regina in Birmingham
September 9, 2006

Stephanie and Allen
June 11, 2006
Panama City Beach, Florida

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Mr. John V. Stevens of England
Honorary Citizen of Midland City, Alabama


University of Florida Policeman J. L. Thomas

Barbara and Carla
June 22, 2006

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Dr. Chuck on a cold Alabama day

Jodi from Nebraska

Willie Bryant
(Rich childhood history in Americus, Georgia)
Homewood, Alabama


Google Earth view of trail

March 10, 2006

Terri and Toni on the trail

Karen & Jamie

Mike picks a 5 gallon of vine ripe tomatoes near Slocomb, Alabama on June 10, 2006

Karen on the trail June 3, 2006

Mike with the Red Hat Society in Homewood, Alabama
April 22, 2006


Dez of Romania

Fun on the trail

Don & Von
United in Marriage
March 3, 2006
Birmingham, Alabama
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Mary Jo & Alice


Danny and Brandon
Homewood, Alabama

Barry in Birmingham

"Wire Dawg"


Mike and high school band director DeWayne
Read about DeWayne http://yourtruehero.org/content/hero/view_hero.asp?9301


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What an exquisite photograph and what an exquisitely beautiful lady. Her face has so much gentleness and wisdom and her life comes through her eyes in such grace. You really captured her spirit here. What a fine photo. Thank you for sharing this. I tell you, nothing like those widows from Africa! One day I do want to go back to Zambia and visit the villages where I met the world's purest hearts and angels upon this earth.
Thank you again for sending this.
In Living Love for All Living Things,
Sandy, an artist in California at  http://www.chaplainofthefields.com 


The moon and mistletoe


Jay and Jim stop to pay respects at the Alabama Korean and Viet Nam Memorial Wall at the Alabama Welcome Center on I-65
near Athens, Alabama on Friday, November 11, 2005. Jim on the right above is a Korean and Nam veteran. He is riding and racing his Harley at the age of 73.

Thomas and co-worker Anthony

Really great picture of Thomas!

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Three Amigoes!
Sandra, Betty, and Betty
Eastdale Mall,Montgomery, AL
October 7, 2005

Lots of fun!

Betty, Mike, and Betty
Eastdale Mall, Montgomery, AL
October 7, 2005

Earry a great guy!
Eastdale Mall,Montgomery, AL
October 7, 2005

Peggy, a proud Mother!
Montgomery, AL
October 8, 2005

Mike and Mike Mobley
Mike Mobley recognized Mike Sawyer from walking steps in the Galleria Mall
in Birmingham with dumbbells last winter.

Eastdale Mall,Montgomery, AL
October 7, 2005

An Alabama coon hunter


From Bangladesh

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Diana from New York City


Dalina from Kenya and View this PictureMargaret from Uganda

Joe from Kenya.


Flag of China

Mike and Sam



Jayton from the Philippines 

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Christopher from Jackson, Mississippi


Mary won the Blue Ribbon award for her Apple Pie at the 2003 Leon County Fair in Tallahassee, Florida


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Deloris & Mike
 at University of Florida

Atlanta, Georgia friends

Kristie with Mike's Pure Evil T-Shirt
Must see back of Pure Evil

Dennis  on his July 30, 2005 birthday!

 "Dennis my lifetime friend, who loves me at all times!"
Mike Sawyer



To those who may be searching for a purpose for living, I encourage you to start ASAP taking a walk or ride your wheelchair on a     local trail without any interruptions like cell phones or headphones. Just walk, jog, or run with your heart open to receive the greatest of God's divine creation. It's okay to smile and even speak to others who meet you. Don't be afraid, you will be a blessing while getting blessed!

Thanks and love,

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